Keith Alexander is an experienced Digital Designer with the vast set of artistic and creative skills required to be a formidable Art/Creative Lead, Production Artist or Consultant. He has almost 2 decades of visual and digital art experience across the Web, Mobile, Gaming, VFX and Motion Graphics fields.

Primarily a UI/UX specialist, he is super passionate about making a real difference in the lives of users through data and design.  Throughout his career, he as taken a key role in creating robust and intuitive user experiences whether it's tactically through actual interfaces or through storytelling with complete fantasy/nonfunctional vfx elements.

Through multiple industries and roles, he has always delivered a clear and concise product to teams and end users.  As technology changes, so does the creator.  Keith aims to always be at the forefront of emerging trends and experiences.  At the core of it all, his work centers around a human connection to technology and the belief that it should be an elegant and simple tool.